Land Acquisition And New Construction

Land Acquisition

Tyler Horst is unique in that his team is involved with his builder partners well before the home is built, or a “For Sale” sign goes up in the yard. I offer land opportunities and consultation to builders and developers, and advise them in the most important component of their business plan… Will the home they plan to build sell? And most importantly, will it sell for a profit?
Tyler Horst has established himself as one of the most prolific land resources in the area. He has built a team of professionals who not only find great land opportunities, but they evaluate these opportunities and offer creative and sound advice. They guide our builder partners through unforeseen challenges and issues and they find solutions.
It starts with the dirt, and no one knows dirt better than Tyler Horst and his team at Summa Real Estate Group.



New Construction

Part of our real estate expertise is in new construction. Our Sales Team is comprised of licensed Brokers, trained specifically in New Home Sales. The core of our team comes with substantial New Home Sales experience, and they are the best in the business when it comes to on-site sales.
Our comprehensive market knowledge provides unique value to home builders, ensuring your bottom-line success as well as enhancing and supporting your company’s reputation. The powerful combination of our years of experience in land acquisition and our deeply cultivated relationships in the market give our home builder partners an invaluable resource – a place to build new homes and a plan to build a solid brand image.

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